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The true secrets of Freemasonry are not in the rituals performed as part of our meetings and Degrees. They are in fact in the stories and life experience shared between members. The bonds of brotherhood lift the barrier between men so that they may intrust their wisdom and insight to another man with out the fear of throwing their pearls before swine, and make the listener more receptive to one’s words of wisdom.


These are the stories of men who have had the great pleasure of calling men of every walk of life, nationality and creed, “Brother.”

Dean Heinemann - Q&A

Roger: Good morning, Most Worshipful Brother Dean Heinemann, thanks for joining me. The first question is, why did you become […]

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Jim Mendoza - Q&A

Roger: Good evening Right Worshipful Brother Jim Mendoza.¬†Well, I’m sure that this is one of many questions you’ve pondered many […]

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Doug Tucker - Q&A

Speaker 1: Most Worshipful Brother Doug Tucker, I’ve got a couple of quick questions we’re using in a research project. […]

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Sam Roberts - Q&A

Speaker 1: Thank you Most Worshiful Brother Sam Roberts. Thanks for joining me. Sam: Good morning. Speaker 1: I have […]

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Don Munks - Q&A

Roger: All right, most Worshipful Brother Don Munks. Thanks for joining me this morning. I have a couple of quick […]

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David Colbeth - Q&A

Roger:Very worshipful brother, David Colbeth, first question is why did you become a Mason? David Colbeth: Well, you know, for […]

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Billy Eberly - Q&A

Roger: Very Worshipful Brother Billy Eberly. I’ve got a few questions for you, several, if not all of them, I’m […]

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Nick Pemberton - Q&A

Speaker 1: First question, Very Worshipful Nick Pemberton, why did you become a Mason? Nick Pemberton: Why did I? Very […]

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Dutch Meier - Q&A

Roger: First question is, Very Worshipful Brother, Dutch Meier, why did you become a Mason? Dutch Meier: Why did I […]

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Michael Carmel - Q&A

Speaker 1: Good evening, Very Worshipful Brother Michael Carmel. First question, Very Worshipful, why did you become a Mason? Mike […]

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Bruce Vesper - Q&A

Roger Nelson: All right Most Worshipful Brother Bruce Vesper, first question, why did you become a Mason? Bruce Vesper: It […]

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James Hamlin - Q&A

Speaker 1: Very Worshipful Brother James Hamlin, thanks for joining me. You’ve had a chance to review these questions and […]

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