Since 1858

Washington Freemasonry


 About Us

Freemasons of Washington will be recognized as a relevant and respected Fraternity, committed to attracting and retaining all men of high quality who strive for self improvement and the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community.

Grand Master’s Address:

Each Grand Master has selected a theme or motto. They are as individual as the Grand Masters are individual. Each theme calls out to us as Masons to take an active part. No amount of sloganeering or happy talk will make a jot or tittle of difference. It is only when we as individuals take up the challenges these themes evoke that our great fraternity will prosper.

Communicate to Educate. Be the Difference. Walk the Talk. Building Bridges. Learn and Change. These are not just empty words. They are, or at least should be, a personal challenge to each of us.


We are the builders, not the destroyers. We are the “good people” committed to doing good, not tearing down. You have my deepest admiration, and I promise you my brothers and friends, we can accomplish all this and have a roaring good time while we are at it.