Leadership Retreat

March 17th – 19th, 2023

Wenatchee Convention Center

Registration will be open from January 1st -February 23rd, 2023


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  •  Core Classes

Junior Wardens Roles

So, you’re headed for (or now in) the South!  An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of an elected line officer with an emphasis on the specific responsibilities of the Junior Warden.

Recommended for – SD, JW – COED

 Senior Wardens Roles

You will soon be a Senior Warden, and we will be looking into what is expected of you as a Senior Warden and what you can do to make it a successful year.

Recommended for – JW, SW – COED


Introduction to leadership. The reason why some leaders are better than others, how to be a more effective leader. In this course, we’ll focus on developing interpersonal leadership skills and what it takes to create and build a healthy organizational culture.

Recommended for – All Officers

What’s on Your Trestle Board?

This course deals with how to develop, communicate, and implement a Vision for your Lodge, with the goal of developing a succession proof plan for the future of your Lodge.  How to develop a Lodge driven succession-proof plan for the future of your lodge.  This course pairs well with the Long Range Planning class.

Recommended for – All Officers – COED

Officer Protocol and Practices

In this session, we will review Masonic protocol and practices as explained in the Lodge Officer’s Handbook, including recommended roles and responsibilities.  There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Recommended for – Deacons

  • Ritual

Opening and Closing

We all love great ritual.  Some lodges have it and others struggle.  We’ll explore why this happens.  Is it due to team practice or hoping everyone knows their parts?  What goes into great opening and closing?  We’ll discuss how great ritual and floorwork makes your meeting more efficient and shows how much pride the Lodge takes in its work.

Recommended for – Deacons

Ritual and Masonic Education

Our ritual and Masonic education is what separates Freemasonry from every other social organization?  It can inspire your candidates and develop your Masons.

This class offers a framework of how to make your degree nights meaningful and memorable.  We will also explore the primary way to retain your members: Masonic education.  You will leave with a variety of ways to incorporate Masonic education into your lodge meetings.

Recommended for – JW, SW

3rd Degree Drama

The sublime degree of a Master Mason should leave an indelible impression on the mind of the Brother. We’ll go from basics to best practices. Bring your questions and be prepared to share your Lodge’s traditions that make the Drama unique for your members.

Recommended for – JW, SW

  • Nuts and Bolts

WM & Secretary Relationship

You will learn of the importance of the relationship between the Secretary and the Worshipful Master, what the Secretary does for the Lodge and Worshipful Master, and the division of labor between the two.

Recommended for – JW, SW, Sec

Running a Successful Meeting

The best meetings are the ones that are well organized and well attended. This presentation covers three important areas. Planning your term and setting an agenda for each meeting, Communication with your lodge so that members attend, and highlights from the Lodge Officers Handbook so that each person knows what is expected of them. Successful planning is planning for success.

Recommended for – SD, JW, SW

Lodge Financial Management

You will learn the importance of, and how to create, a budget. You will also learn how to properly receive money into the Lodge and account for the money received. You will also learn how to properly document the Lodge’s expenditures, the need for and purpose of an audit, and some of the IRS tax codes that may pertain to the Lodge.

Recommended for – JW, SW, Sec, Treas

Temple Board Finances

The most important asset for many Lodges is the building where they meet. Proper budgeting and financial planning to protect and maintain the property by the Temple Corporation and maintaining Corporate formalities is critical. This class will discuss maintaining separation between the Lodge and the Temple Corporation and discuss budgeting and financial planning to ensure that the building is maintained as a place to meet for future generations of Masons.

Recommended for – JW, SW, Sec, Treas

Insurance Matters!

This class covers the essentials of insurance coverage, defines different types of insurance your Lodge and Temple Board may wish to consider, and provides best practice information for all of us who need to be good stewards of the risks inherent in today’s litigious world.  The coverage provided under the Grand Lodge group policy will be discussed, along with other optional coverages that you may wish to consider.  Bring your questions!

Recommended for – Sec, Treas, SW, JW

Lead and Motivate Masons

Leading, understanding. and developing the secret keys for effective: Communications; Leadership; Managing; Vison and Delegation; necessary for us to successfully Lead and Motivate Brothers in our Lodge.  In this interactive class, we will answer where, when, and how to begin and you will discover what you need to be doing today.

You will be able to develop and leave with a support network of Brothers and instructors who will assist you and your Lodge beyond this workshop.

Recommended for – JW, SW, Sec, Treas

Grand Lodge Resources

Learn how your Lodge can take advantage of the resources offered by the Grand Lodge.  How does one go about engaging with the elected line?  What role can the District Deputy play in your Lodge?  What about the committees?  Learn about what these resources can do for you and your Lodge.

Recommended for – Deacons, JW, SW

Effective Mentorship

Discuss the differences between Coaching and Mentoring – and learn about the fulfillment that goes with some of the very most important work that we as Masons are privileged to do – mentoring other Masons.

Recommended for – All Officers

Six Steps to Initiation

In the age of instant gratification, how can we truly determine a man’s character and intentions? Can we be certain that they’re answering the Indispensable Questions honestly? How can someone inquiring about the Fraternity determine if a Lodge is a good fit for them? We’ll explain the program and give an overview of how to implement it in your Lodge.

Recommended for – Deacons, JW, Sec


This three-part workshop is dedicated to working through the first portion of the Proficiency In Lodge Management examination.  This is a guided discussion and collaboration session.

Recommended for – Deacons and all who haven’t taken the PILM in the past 3 years.

  • Planning

Lodge Long Range Planning

In this extended session, we explore the benefits to your Lodge of having (or developing) a Lodge Long Range Plan; how to go about developing one and how the future of your lodge may very well depend on it. We look who uses the Long Range Plan and how it gets put into play.

Recommended for – All Officers

Calendar Planning

How can you make your year a memorable and positive one? You need to plan your year by using a calendar. This gives you a visual reference of what you want to do during your year. You will learn the necessary tools on how to plan Lodge events, what resources are needed, when to begin the process, what committees do you need, if any, and how much it will cost to make it happen.

Recommended for – JW, SW

Installation Planning

The big day is almost here, and a well-planned installation will set the tempo for the next year.  This will not happen by just showing up!  You have planned your year using all the tools; so how about making this day an excellent start to that year?  You will be given key concepts to having an installation ceremony that everyone will remember, one you planned well.

Recommended for – SW – COED

  • Membership Engagement

Beyond Six Steps

Our Fraternity is taking in enough new members each year to not only survive, but to thrive into the future. Unfortunately, we are retaining far too few of these new Brothers. They go inactive, or even drop out entirely. We will explore the best ways in which we can retain these men as active members of our Lodges, and how we can help fulfill the promises we made to them as candidates.

Recommended for –SD, JW, SW

Membership Retention

It’s widely understood now that we don’t have a membership problem, we have a retention problem.

Men are finding our lodges and joining. But retention is highly correlated to a meaningful lodge experience.  Successful lodges understand that growth in members is a result of a well-run lodge.  This class focuses on solving the retention problem by developing your lodge experience around fundamental topics that matter. You will leave with real examples that can be deployed in your lodge.

Recommended for – All Officers

Teach Your Lodge to Fish

It is a sad truth that almost all organizations, including Freemasonry, may lose sight of their spiritual mission and focus more on social aspects.  It is then up to the members to bring us back to our roots.

In this interactive class you will participate in identifying, improving, developing, and creating our “Best Masonic experience possible.” This practical 21st Century presentation is designed to motivate, establish continuous improvement, and create a support network of Brothers and instructors who will assist beyond this workshop.

Recommended for – All Officers

Investigations Done Right

Following the six steps does not ensure we are getting the best candidates for our lodges.  Proper execution of those steps will help ensure our vetting is done properly and with the best results.  This class will focus on the investigation procedure of candidates.  What should the WM consider when assigning the investigation committee?  How should the investigating Committee conduct itself?  What questions should be asked?  Make your investigations meaningful.

Recommended for –All officers

  • Civility

Conflict Management

Life is conflict. How we handle that conflict defines us as Masons. This class will offer different ideas on handling conflicts within the Lodge either with another Brother or between two Brothers and offer ideas on how to manage and de-escalate conflicts.

Recommended for – All Officers

Social Media Guidelines

An in-depth presentation and discussion of the suggested guidelines from the Grand Lodge of

Washington on the use of social media platforms by individual Masons and Lodges.

Recommended for – Deacons, JW

  • Best Practices

 What They DON’T Tell You About Being a WM

There are issues and pitfalls no one ever tells you about when you become a Worshipful Master. We’ll focus on the responsibilities of a Worshipful Master from several planned events during your year, installation, first meeting, District Deputy’s official visit, balloting, Annual Communication and everything in between. There is a lot of detailed mandatory and non-mandatory things to make your Lodge function with peace and harmony during the year.

Recommended for – SW

Discussion Forum/Sharing Best Practices

A guided discussion about what really works (and maybe what really doesn’t) in running their Lodges.  Expect a lively dialogue with leaders from throughout the Jurisdiction.

Recommended for – All

Getting Real with Real Estate

The Lodge’s real estate asset is managed by its Temple Board.  What all is involved with managing real estate assets in today’s new world and fulfilling your Lodge’s Masonic mission? Join us for a discussion of current issues affecting Temple Boards ranging from legal and financial strategies to practical tips and tools as Lodges and Temple Boards manage their properties and navigate the process to ensure their buildings and properties are truly an asset and not a burden.

Recommended for – All

Masonic Short Talks

Three mini topics in the span of an hour – we’ll provide an overview of the member level view of Grandview, introduce the re-invigorated Masonic Speaker’s Bureau, and discuss how to use a virtual environment to extend education and engagement with your membership.

Recommended for – All

  • Outreach

Funeral Planning

What do you do when you get the dreaded call? This class is divided into two parts. What to say and not to say to a grieving person requesting a funeral service. How do you handle the mechanics of a Masonic funeral, documents, training, ritual, etc.

Recommended for – Deacons, SW – COED

Public Relations

Tips and tools for the most effective use of conventional and digital media to publicize the work being

done by the Brethren and their Lodges in their local communities. This short presentation will include

an ample amount of time for questions and answers with members of the Grand Lodge Public Relations


Recommended for – JW, SW

Partnering with Washington Masonic Services

Lodges surveyed reported they could do a better job of tending to sick and distressed Masons and widows. In this session, you will discover how partnership and planning with Masonic Outreach Services will help your distressed and older Brethren and widows stay healthy, safe, and happy. You will develop an effective, concrete plan for keeping track of, engaging with, and tending to your distressed or older Brethren and widows.

Recommended for – All Officers – COED

Requests for Relief

In principle, understanding the process for requesting Masonic Relief should be simple, but the nuances and the process of actually making the request can seem daunting.  This class will give you an understanding where Washington Masonic Services fits into the picture, what assistance can be offered, and how you can most effectively help those who need it the most.

Recommended for – All Officers – COED





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