Proficiency in Lodge Management

*Please read this section in its entirety so you can understand how to best take this exam*

The continued success and growth of each Lodge is determined in large part by the skill with which its affairs are managed by those elected to leadership roles. The purpose of the Proficiency in Lodge Management (PiLM) exam is to encourage a study of the necessary details of The Standard Work (TSW), Washington Masonic Code (WMC) and Lodge Officers Handbook (LOH). It may also challenge any Mason to stay current with our work—and be a better mentor, leader, and Mason.

We believe that when those who preside over the affairs of our Lodges do so with a confidence based upon a firm foundation of essential knowledge, the Fraternity as a whole will benefit. So it is with this questionnaire that confidence and pride will be derived from successful completion, your Lodge will benefit, and the Fraternity will grow with better prepared leaders.

The PiLM is presented as an open book test that can be taken by any member in good standing in a Lodge of the Grand Jurisdiction of Washington. You are to take this exam by yourself—though you may make use of guidance from your WM, DDGM or a member of the R&E Committee for any questions you may have about how best to take the exam.

Every question must be answered. Print out a copy of this exam and mark your answers (as you use the on-line exam) for your own records.

After completing this questionnaire you will have to meet with the DDGM in your District for examination in the Standard Work as set forth in part B. Your knowledge and understanding of the “Lodge Opening and Closing,” “Lodge Calling Down/Up,” and the “Closing Charge” is important. But remember, “Demonstrating Proficiency” includes more than just repeated ritual. The DDGM may also ask relevant questions from the PiLM exam to further satisfy himself of your overall comprehension.

After you have completed each part of the on-line exam, your exam results will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Masonic Research and Education for validation as well as a copy emailed to you, and on the completion of part 3, your Deputy will be notified so he can schedule part B of the exam.

Review your exam results and re-examine the questions with the incorrect answers. You are not required to correct the wrong answers but to learn from them and understand the correct answers.  After your successful completion of parts A and B, the Grand Lodge Office will be notified.  Your Certificate will have the signatures of the Grand Master, your Deputy of the Grand Master, and the Chairman of the Committee on Research and Education.

The answers to the questions in this booklet will be found either in the “Washington Masonic Code,” the “Standard Work and Freemason’s Guide,” the “Lodge Officers Handbook” or from “Official Proceedings of the Washington Grand Lodge.”

Be sure that you have the current editions of the reference materials listed above. No other Masonic authority should be used. An updated version of the Washington Masonic Code is available as a free download at this website.

PILM Paper Exam

Lodge Officers Handbook

Each part must be taken in one sitting. There is no ability to save it and continue later. There is no “passing” score, so try your best and learn from the questions you missed. You will receive an email after each Part with your test results.

PILM On-Line Exam – Part 1

PILM On-Line Exam – Part 2

After completion of part 3, you will be contacted by your District Deputy to complete section B of the exam.

PILM On-Line Exam – Part 3