2019 Lodge Leadership Retreat

March 15th through March 17th, 2019
Red Lion Hotel Pasco
2525 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301



Greetings Brethren:


Throughout our Jurisdiction, Lodges have been or are selecting members into leadership roles. These Brethren elected and appointed are now being looked upon for their leadership and guidance in setting the direction of their Lodge and its members.

While the primary focus of the retreat is for Lodge Wardens and Senior Deacons, any Master Mason, including Current Masters or Past Masters, may attend based on first come and space available basis. A variety of courses will be offered, including; Six Steps to Initiation, Lodge Finances, Temple Board Finances, New Candidate Education, Installation Planning (Coed), Public Relations and others (see list). Ladies are invited and encouraged to attend, with Ladies programs and co-ed courses being provided.

The Lodge Leadership Retreat Committee has been hard at work reviewing classes in order to meet the current needs of our Grand Jurisdiction. Your Grand Lodge is committed to providing our Lodges with educational instruction to invest in the advancement of their officers, members and the Lodge’s future. We ask each Lodge to encourage and support the program by electing to pay or assist in the payment of the registration expenses for the selected members to attend.

Partial or supplementary retreat scholarships may be available on a limited basis on request. Please contact me to discuss whether your Lodge is eligible for assistance. Contact: RWB Charles Wood @ cnlwood1335@tds.net

The first seventy-five brothers who register prior to the deadline of February 25th, 2019, will receive a Grand Lodge Logo Polo Shirt (subject to size and availability).

We look forward to seeing you there!


RWB Charles Wood

Deputy Grand Master

Class Descriptions for 2019 LLR 

Six Steps to Initiation

In the age of instant gratification, how can we truly determine a man’s character and intentions? Can we be certain that they’re answering the Indispensable Questions honestly? How can someone inquiring about the Fraternity determine if a Lodge is a good fit for them? We’ll explain the program and give an overview of how to implement it in your Lodge.


Beyond Six Steps

Our Fraternity is taking in enough new members each year to not only survive, but to thrive into the future. Unfortunately, we are retaining far too few of these new Brothers. They go inactive, or even drop out entirely. We will explore the best ways in which we can retain these men as active members of our Lodges, and how we can help fulfill the promises we made to them as candidates.


Our Responsibilities to the Craft

Vision. Planning. Mentorship. Communication. The care and commitment we have for the Fraternity today sets the tone for the success and survival of our Lodges tomorrow. As officers and leaders in your Lodge, we’ll discuss the level of engagement that each of us owes to our Fraternity.


Membership Growth

For many lodges, attracting new members is important and yet so many lodges struggle to grow. This presentation approaches membership growth by examining the lodge experience and how this impacts retention and growth. Membership is now coming from men of four generations, each with a different perspective on life and expectation from their lodge. Is your lodge well positioned for growth?


New Candidate Education

Did you know that the WMC requires that each candidate must be presented with the New Candidate Education Program? We’ll explore the program, what is required, and how to ensure that the candidates in your Lodge get the Light that they most desire.


Junior Wardens Roles

An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of being an elected line officer with an emphasis on the specific responsibilities of the Junior Warden.


Senior Wardens Roles

You will soon be a Senior Warden, and we will be looking into what is expected of you as a Senior Warden and what you can do to make it a successful year.


What They DON’T Tell You About Being a WM

There are things no one ever told you about being a Worshipful Master. We’ll focus on the responsibilities and everyday details that you, as a Worshipful Master, have to deal with on a daily basis. From planning for your year, installation, your first meeting, the District Deputy’s official visit, Annual Communication and everything in between, there is a lot of detailed mandatory and non-mandatory things to make your Lodge function with harmony during the year.


WM & Secretary Relationship

You will learn of the importance of the relationship between the Secretary and the Worshipful Master, what the Secretary does for the Lodge and Worshipful Master, and the division of labor between the two.


Calendar Planning

How can you make your year a memorable and positive one? By knowing how to plan your year by using a calendar. You will learn the necessary tools on how to plan Lodge events, what resources are needed, when to have the event, what committees do you need, if any, and how much it will cost to make it happen.


What’s on Your Trestle board

How to develop a Lodge driven succession proof plan for the future of your lodge. Developing, communicating, and implementing change to your lodge vision statement.


Running a Successful Meeting

The best meetings are the ones that are well organized and well attended. This presentation covers three important areas. Planning your term and setting an agenda for each meeting, Communication with your lodge so that members attend, and highlights from the Lodge Officers Handbook so that each person knows what is expected of them. Successful planning is planning for success.


Conflict Management

Life is conflict. How we handle that conflict defines us as Masons. This class will offer different ideas on handling conflicts within the Lodge either with another Brother or between two Brothers and offer ideas on how to manage and de-escalate conflicts.


Leadership I & II

Introduction to leadership. The reason why some leaders are better than others, how to be a more effective leader. Developing Interpersonal leadership skills and creating and building a healthy organizational culture


Opening Closing

We all love great ritual. Is it due to team practice or hoping everyone knows their parts? What goes into great opening and closing? Great ritual and floorwork done by all will make your meeting flow better and show a pride the Lodge can be proud of.


Excellence in Degree Work

Ritual is an important aspect of Freemasonry. Not only can it inspire your candidate, it is an opportunity to develop your current Masons of your lodge. This presentation defines a successful degree night, shares best practices and explores ways to groom a new generation of ritualists for your lodge. Make the most out of degree night!


3rd Degree Drama

The sublime degree of a Master Mason should leave an indelible impression on the mind of the Brother. We’ll go from basics to best practices. Bring your questions and be prepared to share your Lodge’s traditions that make the Drama unique for your members.



What do you do when you get the dreaded call? This class is divided into two parts. What to say and not to say to a grieving person requesting a funeral service. How do you handle the mechanics of a Masonic funeral, documents, training, ritual, etc.


Digital Hygiene

An in-depth presentation and discussion of the suggested guidelines recently presented to the Most Worshipful Grand Master for social media and internet use by Lodges and individual Masons.


Installation Planning (coed)

The big day is here and a well-planned installation will set the tempo for the next year. This will not happen by just showing up. You have planned your year using all the tools; so how about making this day an excellent start of that year? One all will remember, one you planned well.


Lodge Finances

You will learn the importance of, and how to create, a budget. You will also learn how to properly receive money into the Lodge and account for the money received. You will also learn how to properly document the Lodge’s expenditures, the need for and purpose of an audit, and some of the IRS tax codes that may pertain to the Lodge.


Temple Board Finances

The most important asset for many Lodges is the building where they meet. Proper budgeting and financial planning to protect and maintain the property by the Temple Corporation and maintaining Corporate formalities is critical. This class will discuss maintaining separation between the Lodge and the Temple Corporation and discuss budgeting and financial planning to ensure that the building is maintained as a place to meet for future generations of Masons.


Public Relations

You will receive insights into using conventional print and broadcast media to help tell the stories of the Brethren and their Lodges in the communities where they are. Masonic Public Relations begins at home, and nothing is closer to home than the local newspaper, radio, or television stations. This short presentation will include a Q&A session.


Tending to our older Brethren and Widows with a Concrete Plan (coed)

Lodges surveyed reported they could do a better job of tending to sick and distressed Masons and widows. In this session, you will discover how partnership and planning with Masonic Outreach Services will help your distressed and older Brethren and widows stay healthy, safe, and happy. You will develop an effective, concrete plan for keeping track of, engaging with, and tending to your distressed or older Brethren and widows.


GL Traditions and Landmarks

We belong to a fraternity whose existence is well governed by proprietary customs and usages, we have for a long time labored to preserve the ancient usages established by the craft. In this day in time, how much do we value those customs and how much effort do we put forth still to preserve the ancient usages sacred and inviolable.


*Brothers, please note that all classes listed here are subject to change.