2018 Lodge Leadership Retreat

March 16th through March 18th, 2018
Red Lion Hotel Pasco
2525 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301



Greetings Brethren:


Throughout our Jurisdiction, Lodges have been or are selecting members into leadership roles. These Brethren elected and appointed are now being looked upon for their leadership and guidance in setting the direction of their Lodge and its members.


While the primary focus of the retreat is for Lodge Wardens and Senior Deacons, any Master Mason, including Masters or Past Masters, may attend based on first come and space available basis. A variety of courses will be offered, including; Six Steps to Initiation, Lodge Finances, Temple Board Finances, Lodge Officers Handbook, New Candidate Education Program, Installation Planning, Public Relations and others (see list). Ladies are invited and encouraged to attend, with Ladies programs and co-ed courses being provided.  We are going to have fun and learn a lot while we are at it.


Your Grand Lodge is committed to providing the Lodges with educational instruction to invest in the advancement of their officers, members and the Lodge’s future. We ask each Lodge to encourage and support the program by electing to pay or assist in the payment of the registration expenses for the selected members to attend.


Partial or supplementary retreat scholarships may be available on a limited basis on request. Please contact me to discuss whether your Lodge is eligible for assistance. Contact: (RW Jim Kendall) jim@telebyte.com


The first fifty brothers who register prior to the deadline of March 1st, 2017, will receive a Grand Lodge Logo Polo Shirt (subject to size and availability).


We look forward to seeing you there!


RWB Jim Kendall

Deputy Grand Master

Proposed classes for the retreat:

  • Six Steps to Initiation
  • Senior Warden Roles
  • Leadership I and Leadership II – Servant/Mentor Leader These may be combined
  • Our responsibility to the Craft
  • Lodge Finances
  • Junior Wardens roles and responsibilities
  • What’s on your trestle board
  • Installation Planning (coed)
  • Calendar I and II
  • Running a Meeting
  • Social Media
  • What they don’t tell you about being a WM
  • Building Membership
  • Conflict Management
  • Temple Board Finances
  • WM & Secretary Relationship
  • Lodge Officer Handbook
  • New Candidate education
  • Public Relations media relationship(coed)
  • Social Media Public Relations Crisis Management(coed)
  • Beyond Six Steps
  • Life after WM
  • Opening and Closing
  • Degree Ritual 1st
  • Degree Ritual 3rd
  • Funeral
  • Lodge Traditions and Landmarks
  • PILM

*Classes may be subject to change.

 CLICK HERE to view training videos from the 2015 Lodge Leadership Retreat