• If you took the PILM exam in July or early August, please contact comptonchuck@gmail.com with your contact info.


Many of the options that were available on the Grand Lodge website, including the PILM, remain available under the Resources menu tab above.  All other data containing personal information or sensitive material has been moved to the Grand View Member Portal.
If you have not yet registered, you will need to create your own Member Portal Account by clicking on the CREATE A MEMBER PORTAL ACCOUNT button below and following the steps to assign a CASE SENSITIVE username and password. Your old Grand Lodge Credentials will NOT work on the new Grand View Member Portal.
**If you are a Lodge Secretary, DDGM or Lodge Officer, you may have already created an account**
 MEMBER PORTAL & database login

Use this option if you have already established a Grand View Member Portal Account

Create a Member Portal Account

Use this option if you have not yet utilized the Grand View Member Portal System.  Your Grand Lodge Website credentials will NOT work on the new site.

Please keep in mind that the Grand Lodge office is unable to create your account for you nor do we have access to your password.  If you are having trouble logging in once you have created an account, please use the “Forgot your password” link found directly under the login section.  If you have found a mistake in your history or member information that you are unable to update yourself, please contact your Lodge Secretary.