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Most Worshipful Grand Master Warren R. Schoeben

Elected Officers

Grand Master  MW Warren R. Schoeben
Deputy Grand Master  RW James H. Kendall
Senior Grand Warden  RW Charles E. Wood
Junior Grand Warden  RW Christopher J. Coffman
Grand Secretary  MW Sam Roberts

Appointed Officers

Grand Chaplain  VW James “Jim” R. Maher
Grand Lecturer  W Barry C. Rettkowski
Grand Orator  W Judson S. Chapin
Grand Historian  VW Richard S. “Bud” Cook
Grand Marshal  VW Alden D. Sarmiento
Senior Grand Deacon  VW Michael R. Pursey
Junior Grand Deacon  W Vic S. Guevarra
Grand Standard Bearer  W Stephen C. Harrell
Grand Sword Bearer W Greg W. Outman
Grand Bible Bearer  VW Steve A. Wandel
Senior Grand Steward  VW Arnie E. Finley
Junior Grand Steward  VW Darel E. Maxfield
Grand Musician  W Sulpicio “Jun” F. Lagnada
Grand Tyler  VW Thomas R. Dangelo
Asst. Grand Secretary  RW Clinton M. Brown Jr.