Freemasonry has in all ages insisted that men shall come to its door entirely of their own free-will—not as a result of solicitation, not from feelings of curiosity, but from a favorable opinion of the Institution and a desire to be ranked among its members.

The best way to become a Freemason is to either use this form or contact a local Lodge. Ideally you should visit a Lodge and join the Brothers for dinner before their Stated Meeting.

You must ask a member of the Lodge for a petition. They will not be handed to you when you walk in the door, or given without solicitation. This is because membership must be something that the petitioner initiates.

Once the petition is submitted, it must be read in the Lodge’s Stated Meeting where the Worshipful Master of the Lodge appoints the investigation committee of three Master Masons. They will meet with you to determine if you will earn their recommendation to the Lodge.

Their recommendation is then presented to the Lodge at the next Stated Meeting before the voting begins. The voting is done using a ballot box containing white and black balls. The election of a new candidate for the Degrees of Masonry requires a unanimous vote. One black ball rejects the candidate from joining.