Business Card Order Form (PDF)
Charges of Un-Masonic Conduct 

Expense Reimbursement Form
Request for Masonic Relief – Charity Form (PDF)
Resolution Template / Proper Format Example


Certificate of Good Standing (MS Word)
Certificate of Good Standing(PDF Fillable Form)
Certificate – Drop NPD (MS Word)
Certificate – Drop NPD* (PDF Fillable Form)
Dimit* (PDF Fillable Form)
Dimit – Plural Membership (MS Word)
Dues Statement Order Form (MS Word)
Election Form (MS Word) *Please include Installation date.
Election Form* (PDF Fillable Form)
Investigative Form (MS Word); Investigative Form (PDF)
Ledger Page  (MS Word)
Life Membership (MS Word)
Lodge By-Laws Form 28; Lodge By-Laws Form 28A
Memory Scroll* (PDF Fillable Form)
Secretary’s Minute page (PDF)

*In order to be able to fill in the blanks on the forms, you must first download and save the form from the Grand Lodge website to your computer.  Once the form has been downloaded to your computer, then you should open the form with Adobe Acrobat.  This is a free program that can be downloaded at the Adobe website.  Once you have opened the form with Adobe Acrobat, simply type in the information into the form boxes and print out the form on your computer.

Download the free version of Adobe Acrobat HERE



Petition for Affiliation *please order from the Grand Lodge office
Petition for the Degrees* – New (PDF Fillable Form)
Petition for Plural – Front / Back (MS Word)
Petition for Reinstatement (MS Word)

Grand-Mound Historical Lodge Petition



Grand Master’s Youth Award Application (MS Word) – return to
Lewis Jewel Order Form (MS Word) Letter (PDF) – return to


Consideration of Consolidation Information & Checklist (PDF)
Resolution to Consolidate (MS Word)


Articles of Incorporation – Single
Articles of Incorporation – Multi-Body
Certificate to Amend-Restate
 (PDF) – needed by both Single & Multi-Body
Multi Body By-Laws (PDF)
Multi & Single Body By-Laws Instructions & Information (PDF)
Property Tax Exemption Guidelines – 2014 (PDF)
Single Body By-Laws (PDF)
Non-profit Application