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34. According to LOH 3-38 and WMC Sec. 13.10 B.L., who conducts an examination of a first time visitor to a Lodge?
35. According to LOH 3-38, TSW 1-4, WMC Sec. 13.10 B.L., which of the following items are needed prior to conducting an examination of a first time visitor?
36. According to WMC Sec. 13.12 B.L., any visitor to your Lodge is ________ to inspect the Charter of the Lodge after satisfactorily passing the entrance examination.
37. According to LOH 3-38, the purpose of the Examining Committee is to determine:
38. During the course of Balloting (WMC Sec. 19.09 B.L.):

Masonic Courtesies

39. According to LOH 2-24, when the Grand Master makes a surprise visit to a Lodge:
40. According to WMC Sec. 4.07 B.L., a Brother holding a higher title by reason of service to Grand Lodge:
41. According to TSW 5-3, who determines the Masonic Honors given to a visitor?
42. According to TSW 5-3, the Grand Honors are the:
43. According to TSW 5-3, why is it inappropriate to extend the Private Grand Honors to the Grand Master when the Lodge is open on the Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft Degree?
44. According to LOH 2-16, the words you should use when introducing the Deputy to the Grand Master are:
45. Referencing LOH 7-53: While surfing the Internet and you or a member of your Lodge sees a Membership or Educational program from another Jurisdiction, you may contact them by:
46. LOH 7-53 indicates that each Masonic Jurisdiction is:

Petitions, Degrees, and Proficiency

47. Which of the following is true regarding this statement: In reference to WMC Chapter 18, a Petition for Degrees or Affiliation signed and dated March 1 and read in Lodge on April 4;
48. In reference to WMC Sec. 18.09 B.L., which of the following is true regarding this statement: Petitions for the Degrees must be signed;
49. According to WMC Sec. 18.03 B.L., The Lodge shall itself determine:
50. In reference to WMC Sec. 19.01 B.L., a petition may be voted on:
51. According to WMC Sec. 18.02 B.L., a man who is illiterate but otherwise qualified:
52. In reference to WMC Sec. 19.09 B.L., any Master Mason present may ballot on the petition of a candidate for the Degrees in Freemasonry if:
53. According to WMC Sec. 19.09 B.L., a member of a Lodge may abstain from balloting on a candidate’s petition if he so chooses, but he must have…
54. In reference to WMC Sec. 19.12 B.L.
55. According to LOH 4-42 and 4-43 or WMC Sec. 18.02 B.L., what are 5 important considerations that the Investigating Committee should look for in a potential Candidate.
56. According to WMC Sec. 15.15 B.L., any Master Mason in good standing may confer Degrees in his Lodge provided:
57. In reference to WMC Sec. B.L. 20.10, the New Candidate Education program may be used with any candidate:
58. According to WMC Sec. 19.14 B.L., it is a Masonic offense:
59. According to WMC Sec. 19.15 B.L., a candidate for the Degrees has been rejected, he can re-apply for Degrees again to that Lodge or another Lodge after how many months?
60. According to WMC Sec. 15.03 B.L., a Master Mason be installed as an Officer:
61. In reference to WMC Sec. 20.10 B.L. and LOH 4-47, how many weeks must elapse between Degrees for an individual candidate?
62. According to WMC Sec. 20.06 B.L., a Lodge may confer Degrees by courtesy for another Lodge, and:
63. According to WMC Sec. 18.08 B.L., what are three exceptions to the six month residency requirement to take the Degrees?

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