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4. WMC Sec. 14.03 Const. states Lodge By-Laws become effective when what occurs?
5. According to WMC Sec. 14.03 Const., how many days notice must be given to members of the Lodge before voting on a By-Law change?
6. According to WMC Sec. 14.03 Const., if the Lodge votes to change the Stated Meeting day, a ____ vote of the members present is required.
7. According to WMC Sec. 15.04 B.L., a Lodge _____ elect a Brother to more than one office position in the Lodge other than Sec/Treas if necessary.
8. According to WMC Sec. 15.12. B, the Worshipful Master may resign from office under which of the following conditions?
9. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Junior Warden by death or resignation, how is the station filled according to WMC Sec. 15.13 B.L.?
10. According to WMC Sec. 15.04 B.L., a Brother may be an officer of more than one Lodge at a time as long as__________.
11. According to WMC Sec. 15.03 B.L., every Officer of the Lodge must be a member of that Lodge except the:
12. According to WMC Sec. 15.16 B.L., if the Master is unable to attend the Stated Meeting, then a Committee of Past Masters will determine who the Worshipful Master for that night will be, only if:
13. The Worshipful Master may not serve as the President of the Lodge’s Title Holding Corporation, according to:

Lodge Installations

14. According to WMC Sec. 15.08 B.L., which of the following statements is correct?
15. According to TSW 4-14, The Officers of a Lodge may be installed by:
16. According to WMC Sec. 15.09 B.L., the Installation may not continue if…
17. According to TSW 4-14, which one of the following statements is true?

Ritual Work

18. WMC Sec. 6.01 Const. A states:
19. WMC Sec. 6.01 Const. states:
20. What Masonic reference can be used to help you learn to correctly pronounce words and names used in the Lodge ritual?
21. According to LOH 2-20 and 4-45, candidates for the Degrees are conducted leading them by their
22. According to WMC Sec. 15.16 B.L., the Worshipful Master or one of the Wardens must be present for Lodge to be opened, unless:
23. According to WMC Sec. 13.07 B.L., a Lodge may be opened in any secure place for the purpose of conducting Lodge business or conferring, so long as:
24. According to WMC Sec. 13.04 B.L., the business of the Lodge may be conducted:
25. According to LOH 3-36, the Lodge may be closed:
26. According to LOH 2-18, the Senior Deacon presents visitors at the Altar and:
27. According to WMC Sec. 15.01 Const., the Deacons and Stewards are elected to their position to:
28. According to WMC Sec. 12.01 B.L., displaying the Square and Compasses on your Business Letterhead is acceptable if:
29. A Mason’s Apron is worn on the outside of your business suit, according to:
30. Is it necessary to present and retire the flag at a Stated Meeting?
31. According to WMC Sec. 14.10 B.L., the reading of the minutes of a previous Stated Meeting may be read:
32. According to WMC Sec. 12.02 B.L., request for financial assistance for non-Masonic Charity is:
33. According to TSW 5-6, Robert’s Rules of Order is_____ the authority on questions of parliamentary law in a Masonic Lodge.
34. According to TSW 1-14, before entering a Lodge for the first time a Candidate is told that Freemasonry is or consists of:
35. According to TSW 3-17, what are the Working Tools of a Master Mason?
36. According to TSW 1-30, an EA Mason is charged to regard this as the Great Light of his profession:

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