Washingtontimes.com- “Gravestone tour tells captivating, multilayered tale”

BURLINGTON, Wash. (AP) — Gravestones stand as strong and silent sentinels, dotting a landscape awash with emotion.

Much like the individuals for whom they mark a final resting place, the gravestones have stories to tell; not ones necessarily taken to the grave by the deceased but engraved upon the stone facade for others to ponder, recall and — in many instances — research.

“The Silent Stones Speak” Cemetery Tour, organized by the Burlington Historical Society, set out on a balmy evening to learn what hidden messages stood the test of time — while in plain sight — at Green Hills Memorial Cemetery.

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NPR “Freemasonry Still Alive And Well”

The members of the Queen Anne Masonic Lodge near downtown Seattle are on the young side. The guy in charge is 26.

Danny Done, the lodge’s worshipful master, is lounging on his designated chair in the room reserved for private ceremonies.

His title comes with a top hat, though he avoids putting it on — he says it makes him look dorky. But he does like other aspects of Masonic regalia, like his Templar sword. Done uses it to point to a diagram on the wall that charts out the different kinds of Masonry.

“Here, you have the first three degrees of Masonry,” he explains, motioning to the chart. “Which gets you to, basically, the beginning step of this section, which is called the Scottish rite. And the Scottish rite was invented from a lecture series by a Scotsman in France.”

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