Junior Grand Warden Candidate Statement: VW Cameron Bailey

How has my Masonic life prepared me for the duties and responsibilities of serving as the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington?

Masonic mentorship has prepared me for each new challenge that I have faced within Freemasonry.

From my very first weeks as an Entered Apprentice Mason, sitting in my mentor’s living room, learning every word of the Posting Lecture. More importantly learning about our Fraternity.

Again as an EA, learning one of the roles of a District Deputy. My mentor and I met with our DDGM because no one in the Lodge seemed to know just what that one line in the Posting Lecture cypher actually said. I learned more from that Deputy than he’ll ever know, and more again when he ascended to the Grand Mastership.

I’ll never forget the words of wisdom imparted to me by our then Grand Lecturer, or the equally important words given to me by an elderly Mason I met while visiting a Lodge far from home.

I was made ready to be Master of my Lodge by listening to, and learning from, other Masters. Traveling within, and without our Grand Jurisdiction. Finding those men who led their Lodges the way I wanted to lead a Lodge. Learning from them with each new officer chair I filled.

One of my Lodge’s was blessed to have a most excellent Secretary. He spent time with me, I learned. When the time came that I needed to help my Lodge by filling that role, I was ready. Ready because of what I learned from the Secretary who had become a true friend and brother.

Likewise when I was asked to serve as District Deputy to the Grand Master. I had a long line of great Deputies to follow. A long line of men who had been there. A long line of men that I had learned from through the years.

If I am honored to face this new challenge in Freemasonry I will do so having learned from those men who have come before me. From those men who have, in ways large and small, prepared me for the duties and responsibilities to come.

I could seemingly write volumes, and lists of names, of all the men who have each contributed to my Masonic journey through their kindness and mentorship. Some of them knew that they were mentoring and teaching me, others probably did not. Nevertheless, I’ve learned extremely valuable lessons from men situated throughout our Fraternity.

I remember the impact these brothers have had upon my life, and my Masonic path, even if they do not, for to me their knowledge was invaluable, while to them I was just another fellow being mentored as they had mentored so many before me.

Masonic mentorship is an invaluable facet of our Fraternity. We as the Freemasons of today must ensure that we mentor the men who join our ranks with the same fervency and zeal as we were given upon our first entrance through the west gate.

Our ritual says it best: “For the Attentive Ear receives the sound from the Instructive Tongue…”

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