James Hamlin – Q&A

Speaker 1: Very Worshipful Brother James Hamlin, thanks for joining me. You’ve had a chance to review these questions and hopefully you didn’t write them out. They’re probably questions you’ve pondered from time-to-time throughout your Masonic career. First and foremost, why did you become a Mason?

James: I come from a family of Masons and so it’s always been in the back of my mind. Then a co-worker, I saw he was a Mason and so it peaked my interest. I decided to be part of something bigger than myself.

Speaker 1: Why do you remain active?

James: Freemasonry for me is fulfilling a need. It heightens my curiosity about the world. It fulfills a social need. The spirituality of Freemasonry is very interesting to me.

Speaker 1: What would you say is the purpose of Freemasonry?

James: As I said, what it should be is to help develop curiosity in its members so they seek out what could be called the mysteries of Freemasonry.

Speaker 1: What could our fraternity improve that would help us better accomplish that stated purpose?

James: We need to get back to what I feel is the original intent of the esoteric side of Masonry. It seems to me we’ve moved to focus on the social or the business side of Masonry and many Lodges have moved away from the education and the esoteric.

Speaker 1: Do you think the mission of our fraternity is different today than it was when it was founded? Do you see that mission evolving in the future?

James: The mission of Freemasonry I think has remained the same, it’s just we’ve lost sight of the mission. Hopefully we continue to evolve, so while the mission stays the same, the purpose stays the same, we get back to focusing on that mission and we evolve to match the needs of perspective members to the true purpose of Freemasonry.

Speaker 1: How would you best help or steer or counsel a prospective Masonic Brother to understand or recognize that the relevance of our fraternity is just as great and just as important as it was to his ancestors?

James: I think one of the best ways is to live our lives as Masons so the tenets of Masonry are reflected, are visible to everybody, not just within the Lodge meeting but 24 hours a day, we’re Masons. We need to set the example so people have something to emulate.

Speaker 1: Very Worshipful Brother Hamlin, thank you for your time, a very gracious extension of your day. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

James: Well, thank you and good luck with your endeavors.

Speaker 1: All right, thanks again. Bye bye.

James: Thank you. Bye.

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