10 Qualities of a Real Man

What exactly is a ‘real’ man like? There is so much more to being a real, manly man than having a beard, working out, fixing things, and eating meat – although those things have certainly become synonymous with the idea of ‘manliness’. But there’s a deeper definition of the qualities of a real man.

An editor on the blog, ArtofManliness.com put it well recently: “It’s hard to describe manliness in isolation — that is, apart from the flesh and blood men who embody it. It’s something that you instinctively recognize and feel when you encounter it in another.”

What character traits does a real man — a good man — have? How does he treat the people in his life? Do his actions align with his words and purported morals? The following qualities of a real man outline an individual who is respected and admired by his family, friends, colleagues and beyond, someone who can make his world better for others.

  1. Compassionate: A real man does not intentionally cause pain, and is sensitive to the needs of others. He cares about other people’s happiness and is empathetic in their sorrows.
  2. Faithful: It is vital that a man be true to himself and the people in his life. He does not cheat or betray, and submits to his chosen morals with integrity.
  3. Confident: Self-assurance, not pride, is a driving force for a real man. He knows where he is going and why, and is following a path to achieve his goals.
  4. Respectful: Every individual deserves respect, and a real man acts in a way that is respectful of all others he encounters, not just his superiors or figures of authority.
  5. Humble: All men must be willing and able to account for the mistakes he has made, taking ownership to right any wrongs, and practicing humility when he falls short.
  6. Courageous: Bravery and courage are aspects of humanity that all real men must enact. He stands up for what’s right, and always protects women, children and the weak.
  7. Hard Working: All men and women have duties, and a real man works hard to fulfill his responsibilities, striving to succeed and to meet additional goals and aspirations.
  8. Capable: A manly man respects and appreciates care and help from others, and yet is fully independent and capable to maintain his person, his home, and his livelihood.
  9. Passionate: Whether it be in work, hobbies, or relationships, a real man is passionate about something.
  10. Humor: Pride and ego have no place in a real man’s character. He should be able to laugh at himself and cultivate good humor in his interactions with others.

The Freemasons are comprised of tens of thousands of men who are striving to portray and implement these qualities of a real man in their everyday life. To learn more about our values, please click here. Or, contact us to learn more about Freemasonry.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com

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