Our Values

  • Tolerance
    • The fraternity values religious, ethnic, cultural, social, and education difference. We respect the opinions of others and strive to improve and develop as human beings.
  • Ethics
    • Our lives are based on honor and integrity, and we believe that honesty, compassion, trust, and knowledge are important.
  • Family
    • We strive to be better spouses, parents, and family members and are committed to protecting the well being of our members and their families, especially when they are in need.
  • Personal Growth
    • Our continuous pursuit of knowledge, ethics, spirituality, and leadership brings more meaning to our lives.
  • Philanthropy
    • We make a difference in our communities through charitable giving, community service, and volunteerism.
  • Freedom
    • Masons value the liberties outlined in the U.S. Constitution and continually promote freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship a Supreme Being in an individual way, and other important liberties.

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